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      I got laid off last week, still processing all the big emotions :tm:. Heading to Moab for the weekend to clear my head and visit family.

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      • experimenting with a new minimal todo list and bookmark manager app i wrote over the holidays
      • installing new switch pro controller buttons
      • setting up my new gaming pc (my last gaming-ready pc was in ~2004, so this is super exciting!)
      • playing dark souls 2
      • setting up a custom server for work
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      I started using loose half-letter (similar to the size of A5) sheets w/ an appropriately sized clipboard, and it has been great. I’m able to lay out multiple pages in front of me, regardless of written order. Plus, I have several common templates I often use, since these sheets are loose I can run them through my printer to get the template imprinted. I typically do this in batches, that way I have a supply of template and blank sheets to pull from. When done, I number each page to xref it in later pages, and pull them out of the clipboard once there are enough pages to warrant removal (usually every other week). Then I scan the pages, append them to a PDF I keep on my phone and laptop, and put the pages in an archival box. I’m only a few months into this system, but I have to say, it’s felt like a game changer. I note that several elements the author describes in the article share some commonalities with my approach, which is neat.

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      3 day weekend for me. Things I’d like to achieve include:

      • Fixing some broken things around the house
      • 3d modelling for printing stuff, which also includes rigging up some sort of housing around the 3d printer as it’s in a cold garage and prints keep curling up in the corners. Current zany idea is printing mudflaps for the car.
      • Winter bike still needs pedals finding/fitting, and gears adjusting. Then I might actually go ride it outside.
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        Winter bike

        Icebiking is my absolute favorite! There is something about riding in the snow and ice that is magical, and also at times pretty brutal.

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          There is something about riding in the snow and ice that is magical

          Yes there is. Sadly wet, muddy, cold cycling round the countryside roads in the UK is none of that. Made it out, spent longer putting the gear on and cleaning afterwards than I did on the bike. Suddenly I remember why I used to switch to gym sessions in the winter!

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      Bikepacking! Heading out for a sub-24hr adventure first thing Saturday morning.

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      Setting up syncthing on my NAS and mobile devices, working on a toy elixir/phoenix planner app (, dealing with those darn weeds in the yard, and hopefully going for some bike rides. I recently started doing what I am lovingly referring to as “coffee commutes” - I hop on my bike, ride out to some scenic location (usually within about an hour of my house) and brew myself some coffee with my aeropress go, take in the scenery, and then bike home.

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      Stepping back and taking a proper breather after an inordinately stressful experience earlier this month.

      I had been too wrapped up in my own anxiety to have noticed the depth of my partner’s own stress. Their ability to execute relentlessly also made it easy to overlook. (I tend to have the opposite failure mode of dissipated focus.) While it presents as productivity and focus on the outside, they often can’t escape that same fixation from the inside and the behavior burns them out.

      It’s time for me to take a step back and help them strategize and prioritize. It doesn’t matter how much they get done if they’re only treading water.

      tl;dr I managed to put my own oxygen mask on and now it’s time to help my partner do the same.

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        I wish you well - this is really important, and thank you for sharing.