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      I use KeePass2/KeePassX (

      It’s not the prettiest thing out there, but it’s free, works on Windows/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS, and encrypts everything locally so you can use whatever sync solution you like to keep the database up-to-date.

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        I use KeePassX too on my Mac, with some satisfaction. Note that KeePass tries hard to not leave the unencrypted passwords in memory or in the swap. I expect the vim solution to not offer the same guarantee.

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        Yes, I was surprised he hadn’t seen Keepass as an option.

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      Not to hijack the empty discussion, but I have always found linux more conscious to focusing on the core product than windows. Perhaps with the stack ranking system gone people will take appropriate risks to clean shop instead of implementing new features and stop worrying about politics?

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        One reason this may manifest is that Linus really sees Linux as just Linux–the kernel & userspace APIs. Things like databases and build systems are things that run on Linux, but they’re not part of it.

        Compare this methodology to Windows, where IE is a part of it, and so is the GUI, and so are many other parts. As a result, they’re also focusing on their “core product”, but that product has a lot more surface area.

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          Exactly. FreeBSD is also another good example, FreeBSD is the whole system, with the kernel just being one part.

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      This can only be a good thing. I’m surprised this isn’t getting as much press as the initial audit funding did. Surely this is the great news/outcome we all wanted?