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      There are some great quality of life improvements in this release - faster recompilations, and small extensions to Keyword and Enum that will be useful.

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        I really really want this:

        Enum.collect(accumulator, enumerable, fun_2)


        fun_2 :: (accumulator, item) -> accumulator

        I’ve documented tens of places (so far) across several codebases where this would make the code clearer.

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          Isn’t that just reduce? Or is the issue that you can’t pipe with reduce the way that you want to?

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            You got it. Though Enum might not be the right module to put it in. Maybe Kernel. (By analogy to put_in and get_in)

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        I thought that the extensions to mix format were really impressive! I’ve always been frustrated that embedded SQL or HTML won’t get formatted when I format my code. Now there is a nice solution in Elixir!

        The path completion in the REPL was something I was thinking about in Python-land yesterday, but I don’t think it exists. << fingers crossed for Cunningham’s Law >>

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      Fluidkeys fetches public keys automatically

      Is this not a concern for anyone? It’s trivial to upload keys to any major keyserver impersonating someone else.

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        Hey, Paul here, thanks for reading!

        For a number of reasons we’re currently not using the public keyservers at all: public keys are stored in our own server, and only returned for verified email addresses.

        We were brainstorming at the OpenPGP summit in October about ways we could layer email verification on top of the keyserver network: in other words, treat the keyservers as purely dumb storage, only accessible by key fingerprint. Then carry out email verification (as Mailvelope and FlowCrypt already do) to link an email to a fingerprint.

        That would be our preferred approach, rather than hosting public keys ourselves, but given the recent stability problems with the network we can’t currently rely on it.

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        I’m not involved in the project, but my understanding is that it currently doesn’t use public key servers, although the plan is to in the future, presumably once this has been hardened.

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      Tango is a soft drink in the UK, who had a series of adverts with “you’ve been tangoed” as the punch line:

      (this is not anything I ever expected to type into a comment box)