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      My mother in law is in town, and it’s my final weekend of parental leave for my newborn. I’m going to take a few hours to myself on my bicycle or motorcycle and stay off the computers hopefully.

      It’s so easy to just be on the computer when you’re holding a bottle in one hand. I definitely need some downtime away from the family.

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      I’ve always wanted to do more technical writing, both as a means of sharing things that I find cool, but also as an aggregation of notes for myself. So I’m going to setup a blog using hugo, wish me luck

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        Make sure to spend more time on the writing than setting up the blog :D

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          Haha! Yeah, the setup part was supposed to be simple, but there’s a missing link that i still have to figure out. I do have a couple of posts already written though, so the writing has already begun

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        Good luck!

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          Thanks buddy!

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      Picking up Purple Ube buns from a local baker that has a popup. Starting to paint a room, and maybe refinishing a TV stand we picked up second hand. Wrapping up a few electronics projects that I’ve been blogging about lately.